Hot stones at Serendipity Hot stones at Serendipity

$60/30min, $85/60min, $120/90min, $155/120min

A flowing type of massage ideal to ease everyday tension. Combinations of effleurage, kneading, and deep circular motions are used to bring you to relaxation and relieve minor pain. Pressure is adjusted to your comfort.

Deep Tissue
$70/30min, $100/60min, $140/90min, $180/120min

A more intense massage specifically designed to relieve tight muscles, chronic muscle pain and anxiety. Slow targeted strokes and acupressure release the deepest layers of your muscles and connective tissues. Stretching of the extremities help to improve your range of motion. In this treatment the cupping technique is used to enhance circulation to your most troublesome spots. At the end a deep blue muscle rub is applied to aid in any soreness after your visit.

Ashiatsu by Nala
$70/30min, $100/60min, $140/90min, $180/120min

A deep tissue compression massage through the use of the therapist's feet. The technique manipulates the deeper layers of soft tissue to help loosen the tissues, which helps with chronic pain reduction. 60 minute sessions will be reserved for specific areas of issue.

Salt Stone Massage

We use warm Himalayan salt stones to ease away soreness and exfoliate the skin in this full body treatment. We diffuse Himalayan salt during your treatment to enhance the benefits of cleansing the respiratory system while you relax.

Hot Stone
$85/45min, $135/90min

A full body massage coupled with the benefits of relaxation and the warmth of the stones. This treatment will melt all your tension away, improve your blood flow, and promote relaxation.

Deep Tissue/Hot Stone
$90/45min, $155/90min

The amazing benefits of Deep Tissue and Hot Stone rolled into one. Your knots don't stand a chance!


A relaxing massage for all the mommies! Focusing on all the aches that mommy-hood brings, we use side lying, with pillows for support, to keep you and baby comfortable and focus on the beauty of motherhood.

Migraine Manager
$160/90min, $180/120min

A treatment designed to put your headache to rest! Massage, hot stones, deep blue muscle rub, and coffee scrub foot treatment combined to treat and prevent migraines and headaches. Extra scalp massage and a blend of Peppermint, Rosemary, Marjoram and Thyme to ease you back into your day.

Mini Manager

All the benefits of the Migraine Manager in a power treatment to get you back to being productive!

Immunity Booster
$75/30min, $105/60min, $145/90min, $185/120min

Customize this massage as a relaxing or deep tissue! This treatment is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and protects you against environmental and seasonal threats. With the OnGuard essential oil blend infused in Tamanu oil, you will leave feeling energized and uplifted.