Relaxing Massage at Serendipity Massage and Wellness Relaxing Massage at Serendipity Massage and Wellness
Laura Bryant


Owner of Serendipity Massage and Wellness, Laura Bryant

"Massage was the dream,
Serendipity was the vision,
Helping people is my life work."

The journey of creating Serendipity has been a blessing after blessing. Being able to contribute to my home state and implement my dream of serving the people of East Tennessee makes being a business owner so much more rewarding.

Since the beginning of my massage career in 2017, I have learned that listening to the client and providing a beautiful quiet space is the first step to healing and relaxation. I want clients to feel like their experience here helps them reset, and empowers them to take on the rest of their week!

Serendipity's esthetic is derived from the farmhouse style and sprinkled throughout the space are bits from our own farm! For the past five years we have raised Shetland sheep and just recently added Nubian goats. I have one daughter, and my name may be on the paperwork, but she is the real boss around here! When not working with Serendipity or the farm, I love to cook with my husband, Joey, and do art projects with my daughter, Evie.

You may think that 2020 would be a strange time to take on such an endeavor, but in the midst of all the chaos, care for the people is more imperative than ever. This environment is made to be your safe space. I can't wait to share it with you!

Laura Bryant



Serendipity Massage and Wellness

"The most beautiful things in life are the people we love, the places we go and the memories we're making along the way!"

Born and raised in a small country in Europe, Moldova, almost eight years ago my husband and I decided to start a new life here in the US, Tennessee! So far I have only had beautiful experiences, I have only met wonderful people and most importantly, we have become the parents of three girls! I have been licensed in massage therapy for a year, but I have practiced since I was a child with my grandparents, my parents and now I heal my husband every week! Known first of all being a good mom of three, a good wife and a loyal friend, I've always been guided by my strong values, my empathic personality and the respect for people around me! I know for sure that I'll dedicate a hundred percent to my clients, I'll truly listen to their needs and then I'll provide a high quality massage therapy!



Serendipity Massage and Wellness, Nala

"Of all the gifts we can give to people, the gift of our touch is one of the most priceless."

Hello, I’m Nala and I am overjoyed to be a part of the Serendipity family! I look forward to meeting you and offering any assistance I can, whether that is a relaxing, deeply satisfying 2-hour break from the world or aiding you in the recovery of a painful injury/injuries. The Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage is where I graduated from and where I also took an additional 100 hours of Advanced Body Work that focused on outcome-based massage. My training continued at the Center for Barefoot Massage and Dragonfly Thai Yoga Massage where I learned how to use my legs, knees and feet to aid in your treatment. I have been trained to do postural assessments and breathing re-education that help show where work is needed to bring harmony back to the body, and I use my knowledge of pain and trauma to support you in injury prevention and body healing.

My own history of chronic pain has led me down the path of bodywork and self-care, and I am passionate about supporting others along the way. I have advocacy experience from my work at a sexual assault center and a domestic violence shelter, and I have had extensive training on trauma and how to hold the safest space possible for others. I am LGBTQ+ friendly and have taken anti-racism training at the Diversity and Resiliency Institute of El Paso. I was also a professional theatrical belly dancer and have been teaching movement classes for almost two decades. My life is dedicated to the integration of the Body and the Mind, and I am delighted to bring all my knowledge and life experience to the table!

Also, I love tacos. (Mmm.... tacos...)

See you at Serendipity!

Kaitlin Brashear


Serendipity Massage and Wellness, Kaitlin

"What started out as a spontaneous last minute decision turned out being something I love."

Being dual licensed in Cosmetology and Massage Therapy gives me a wide variety of services I’m able to offer. I got my cosmetology license in 2012 in California but have since transfered it to TN and have been practicing skin care with it since 2019, also the year I got my massage license. I love getting to do both equally. Each brings new challenges and new information to learn and share. Connecting with my clients is something I’m definitely passionate about as well as sharing the knowledge I’ve acquired. I am very upfront and transparent with my clients and will never give false information if I am unsure of something. I always try to do a little extra to make sure each facial or massage is tailored specifically for each individual person.

I’ve grown up out west my whole life but found myself in TN in 2016 and fell in love. I enjoy the centrality of the state; It makes for so many day trips! I love food, sunshine days, and music and movies. For real, let’s talk music.


Front Desk

Serendipity Massage and Wellness, Nora

"I've always been a note taker, a list maker, and a dreamer."

I was born in Tennessee and had most of my childhood here, until I moved to North Carolina in 2015, I worked in the registration office of my private school when I was in high school up until my Junior year as a secretary and got my GED that summer after, graduating early and helping support my family.

My plans for my life now that I have moved back to Tennessee is to be a student and go to Cleveland State Community College in 2022. I've always enjoyed the role of secretary, but I will be going into schooling for the hope of one day being a Nurse-Midwife with my own business.

My aspiration in life is to make my mother proud and to make myself proud too in what I have accomplished. One of those accomplishments is caring for you when you call or come in, to a calm setting from whatever crazy life you have, to ensure that you get that break you deserve.

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